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Russian protesters turn to street art


Russia: Comrade Putin Indicates He Would Support A Law Limiting Term Limits…Just Not On Himself…

talkstraight: Vladimir Putin, the man who will become Russia’s president for a third term next month, indicated Wednesday he would back a law that bars others from doing what he did, ruling as president more than twice. But Putin also suggested such a law would not apply to himself, leaving open the possibility that he […]

Is Putin planning on building a new Russian national guard?

    thesqr: In Moscow’s Shadows (New York) According to Nezavisimaya gazeta (April 2, 2012), President-elect Putin is planning to create a new National Guard, a domestic security force uniting the MVD VV Interior Troops, the MChS Ministry of Emergency Situation forces and various other security and military elements. This Natsionalnaya gvardiya would include not […]

Is Putin’s Russia Keeping Up With a Changing World

Vladimir Putin has penned a series of articles, logically concluding with his recent piece on foreign policy. On the one hand, he has indicated that foreign policy is a derived function of domestic policy, and that its aim is to create an environment necessary for the country’s internal development. Read More

OSCE Observers on Russian Election Outcome

“A statement from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe says there was no real competition. It says abuse of government resources ensured that the winner was never in doubt.”   Click here to continue reading.

Two Russias Will Collide in Sunday’s Presidential Election

Compliments of Voice of America Moscow Bureau Chief James Brooke: “Social networks are making opposition politics very sociable.” With the much publicized presidential elections occuring in Russia on Sunday, will Putin’s projected win come to fruition?  Can he avoid a run-off?  If he does win, what will happen to the opposition movement and how will the organizers re-strategize? Read […]

Pro-Kremlin Activists Buy Support

“A youth political group with close ties to the Kremlin has been accused of paying out hundreds of thousands of pounds to Russian journalists to burnish the image of Vladimir Putin and smear the reputations of pro-democracy activists.” Click here to continue reading.