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Putin’s Proposal for an institutionalized “Russian Canon” – cultural therapy or an assault on literary freedom?

ninainrussia: “…and now, Putin want to preserve “the dominance of Russian culture” with a reading list.   Social engineering through state mandated literature: Nothing else that Putin has done has been quite so nakedly Soviet in its desire to manipulate the human intellect into docility. “Let us take a survey of our most influential cultural figures […]

Alexei Navalny Interview

“If the things I write in my blog were to be said on television and written about in the broadsheets, then nobody would need me or the Internet. But you can’t say these things on television, so when I began saying them on the Internet, I had a sort of exclusive.” Anti-Putin Russian blogger Alexei […]

Russia: The Revolution Will Be Tweeted and Facebooked and YouTubed

newstfionline: By Simon Shuster / Moscow, TIME, Jan. 15, 2012 When Russia’s protest movement came alive last month, bringing tens of thousands of people onto the streets of Moscow, it only took an Internet connection to realize that its most vital cogs and gears were online. There had to be hundreds if not thousands of […]