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McFaul Epitomizes Embrace of Social Media

U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul took to Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday in an attempt to refute charges that he’s promoting regime change in Russia. In doing so, he also highlighted the embassy’s unprecedented reliance on Twitter and Facebook to connect with the Russian public and fight an onslaught of negative reports in the state-run media. McFaul called foul on Russia Today over a Tuesday op-ed by analyst Igor Panarin accusing him of plotting to turn anti-corruption […]

Alexei Navalny: Russia’s new rebel who has Vladimir Putin in his sights

euralmanac: On a freezing winter day last month, a tall man with blond hair walked up to a microphone in northern Moscow and began speaking to 80,000 people. This was not a rock concert or a football match. It was a demonstration against the government – the biggest in Russia since the fall of the […]

Russia: The Revolution Will Be Tweeted and Facebooked and YouTubed

newstfionline: By Simon Shuster / Moscow, TIME, Jan. 15, 2012 When Russia’s protest movement came alive last month, bringing tens of thousands of people onto the streets of Moscow, it only took an Internet connection to realize that its most vital cogs and gears were online. There had to be hundreds if not thousands of […]

Procession on February, 4 “For the Fair elections”

Blogger Updates about a New Protest. Maps and permit included in post.