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Update: Opposition leaders arrested and detained following election result protests in Moscow

From Reuters: Several news media outlets have reported that hundreds of protestors have been arrested and detained by police during the mass demonstrations following Sunday’s presidential election results.  Among them is Alexei Navalny, main opposition figure and political activist blogger. Read more about Navalny’s arrest, the EU’s criticism of the elections and US pressure to conduct investigations on […]

Putin wins Russia’s presidential election for third term, but digital momentum builds among country’s young people

“’The Internet to me is like a dump,’ said a Putin functionary last Monday. That kind of attitude will be Putin’s downfall – even if Sunday’s results seem to indicate otherwise. Because for today’s Russian (and for today’s Iranian and Chinese) the revolution will be digited, not televised. Through blogs, Facebook posts and YouTube videos, Russians […]

Pro-Kremlin Activists Buy Support

“A youth political group with close ties to the Kremlin has been accused of paying out hundreds of thousands of pounds to Russian journalists to burnish the image of Vladimir Putin and smear the reputations of pro-democracy activists.” Click here to continue reading.

The Role of Social Media in the Moscow Opposition Demonstrations in December 2011

This briefing paper examines the role of social media in organizing political protest in Russia, where the leeway for civic activism has been on the wane under the Putin-Medvedev tandem. The author argues that the emergence and mobilization of the street demonstrations was greatly facilitated by social media, which functioned both as an arena for […]

Toys cannot hold protest because they are not citizens of Russia, officials rule

likeagswift: “Now a petition to hold another protest featuring 100 Kinder Surprise toys, 100 Lego people, 20 model soldiers, 15 soft toys and 10 toy cars has been rejected because the toys have been deemed not to be “citizens of Russia” Read more

From Moscow

Moscow, Russia on February, 4th, 2012. Temperature in the street a minus of 18-20 degrees of Celsius. The people against Putin. Read More

Alexei Navalny Interview

“If the things I write in my blog were to be said on television and written about in the broadsheets, then nobody would need me or the Internet. But you can’t say these things on television, so when I began saying them on the Internet, I had a sort of exclusive.” Anti-Putin Russian blogger Alexei […]