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Protest Fashion Is Still the Rage

Fashion on the Barricades  writes about the new tee-shirt line featuring our Vova surrounded by a tasteful frame of roses (very Spring 2012!) The hippest protesters will be sporting tees and tanks with this emblem (our girl Kseniya has already been papped in a cropped version) or another style by designer Katya Dobryankova featuring a sexy reference to the recent proposal to ban gay propaganda. Obviously we are sweating this design and want it NOW. Head on over the Fashion on the Barricades to see more.


Source: redscareblog:

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Is Putin’s Russia Keeping Up With a Changing World

Vladimir Putin has penned a series of articles, logically concluding with his recent piece on foreign policy. On the one hand, he has indicated that foreign policy is a derived function of domestic policy, and that its aim is to create an environment necessary for the country’s internal development.

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Update: Opposition leaders arrested and detained following election result protests in Moscow

From Reuters:

Several news media outlets have reported that hundreds of protestors have been arrested and detained by police during the mass demonstrations following Sunday’s presidential election results.  Among them is Alexei Navalny, main opposition figure and political activist blogger.

Read more about Navalny’s arrest, the EU’s criticism of the elections and US pressure to conduct investigations on election fraud all at Reuters.

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Putin wins Russia’s presidential election for third term, but digital momentum builds among country’s young people

“’The Internet to me is like a dump,’ said a Putin functionary last Monday.

That kind of attitude will be Putin’s downfall – even if Sunday’s results seem to indicate otherwise. Because for today’s Russian (and for today’s Iranian and Chinese) the revolution will be digited, not televised.

Through blogs, Facebook posts and YouTube videos, Russians have been able to expose a Kremlin that for too long has gotten away with far too much. Videos have chronicled brazen ballot-stuffing by lackeys of Putin’s United Russia party; bloggers have meticulously detailed the direct pipeline from the oil fields of Siberia to the coffers of the Kremlin; young people have used Facebook not to post brunch plans but to organize protests attended by hundreds of thousands.”

Read more at NY Daily News.

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Twitter flooded with Vladimir Putin fraud claims

“…within hours of polls opening, Twitter and other social media were flooded with reports of fraud and vote rigging. Golos, Russia’s leading elections watchdog, said it received numerous reports of “carousel voting,” a ploy used during the disputed parliamentary poll in December in which groups of people vote at several different polling stations using the same absentee ballots.”

Read more at the Telegraph.

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OSCE Observers on Russian Election Outcome

“A statement from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe says there was no real competition. It says abuse of government resources ensured that the winner was never in doubt.”


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Two Russias Will Collide in Sunday’s Presidential Election

Compliments of Voice of America Moscow Bureau Chief James Brooke:

“Social networks are making opposition politics very sociable.”

With the much publicized presidential elections occuring in Russia on Sunday, will Putin’s projected win come to fruition?  Can he avoid a run-off?  If he does win, what will happen to the opposition movement and how will the organizers re-strategize?

Read more at: Russia Watch at Voice of America