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Instead of being a force to galvanize a new round of opposition enthusiasm, the efforts to protest the recent mayoral election in Astrakhan have served only to emphasize the weakness and indeed dissolution being experienced by the opposition forces. The Just Russia party promised that every single one of its…

Russian protesters turn to street art

Russia: Comrade Putin Indicates He Would Support A Law Limiting Term Limits…Just Not On Himself…

talkstraight: Vladimir Putin, the man who will become Russia’s president for a third term next month, indicated Wednesday he would back a law that bars others from doing what he did, ruling as president more than twice. But Putin also suggested such a law would not apply to himself, leaving open the possibility that he […]

Is Putin planning on building a new Russian national guard?

    thesqr: In Moscow’s Shadows (New York) According to Nezavisimaya gazeta (April 2, 2012), President-elect Putin is planning to create a new National Guard, a domestic security force uniting the MVD VV Interior Troops, the MChS Ministry of Emergency Situation forces and various other security and military elements. This Natsionalnaya gvardiya would include not […]

Putin’s Regime Won’t End Without an Opposing Vision

Vladimir Putin’s return to the Russian presidency represents much more than a setback for the country’s protest movement. It is a major defeat. To understand why, consider the sudden celebrity of Irina Prokhorova, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov’s older sister. Before this month’s elections, she acted as her brother’s proxy in a presidential debate against the charismatic and […]

Protest Fashion Is Still the Rage

Fashion on the Barricades  writes about the new tee-shirt line featuring our Vova surrounded by a tasteful frame of roses (very Spring 2012!) The hippest protesters will be sporting tees and tanks with this emblem (our girl Kseniya has already been papped in a cropped version) or another style by designer Katya Dobryankova featuring a sexy […]

Is Putin’s Russia Keeping Up With a Changing World

Vladimir Putin has penned a series of articles, logically concluding with his recent piece on foreign policy. On the one hand, he has indicated that foreign policy is a derived function of domestic policy, and that its aim is to create an environment necessary for the country’s internal development. Read More